Nambu Memorial Symposium

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March 11 - 13, 2016
The University of Chicago
William Eckhardt Research Center
Room 161
5640 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago IL 60637 USA

The University of Chicago will host a three-day symposium March 11-13, 2016, to celebrate the life and science of Yoichiro Nambu.    The topics to be covered — particle physics, condensed matter physics, quantum field theory, and string theory -- represent the broad array of research areas to which Nambu made seminal contributions. 

Confirmed speakers:

Juan Maldacena
Nathan Seiberg
Andrew Strominger
Cumrun Vafa
Stephen Shenker
Gregory Moore
Tohru Eguchi
Hirosi Ooguri
Igor Klebanov
Pierre Ramond
Hitoshi Murayama
Michael Dine
Subir Sachdev
Dam Son
Lisa Randall
Sumit Das
Burt Ovrut

Thanks for attending!